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To masterbate. Used for males because the 'meat' would be their penis.
Jon: Oh man, can't wait till i get home and pound the meat.
Mike: You definitely need a girl!
#masterbate #spank the monkey #cranking it #stroke the salami #crank it
by BIGL_182 June 21, 2006
To have hard sex with a woman you have no feelings for or care about, she is just "meat" to you.

To "pound" means to pound her, to have hard sex until you hear that lovely pounding sound that brings music to all of our ears!
Jeff: I met up with Laura last night
Mike: Hahaha, did you pound the meat?
Jeff: Of course! She couldn't walk the next day, she loves it.
Mike: Ok but don't be developing any feelings for her or the phrase "pound the meat" will loose all value!"
Jeff: hahaha so true Mike, so true.
#pound #hard sex #pulverize #dominate #fuck #have sex
by Max the Mouth January 06, 2012
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