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I can't really put this as a dictionary-approved definition, so here follows instructions of how to make a pouch note:

1. Buy a belt pouch, money belt, or fanny pack. I personally recommend Sankey's Assassin's Pouch (google it). You won't believe how much you can put there.

2. Take a sheet of paper and cram all your notes to it, both sides in pencil. Organize them!

3. Fold it up so it fits into your pouch.

4. You're done!

Now how to use them, note down all the questions you have trouble on, then go to the bathroom. When the stall is locked, use your pouch and look at the notes.

Remember, DON'T GET CAUGHT!!!!
Made myself some pouch notes and cribbed my way through the AP's.
by Some guy July 10, 2008
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