i think theres a difference between someone who smokes pot and a full blown pothead. pothead is like the guys in dude wheres my car. irresponsible, forgetful, stupid humor, unreliable but fuckin hilarious people.
watch dude wheres my car, how high, cheech and chong or half baked
by deenie July 04, 2004
The kind of person that you don't want for a roomate (unless of course you are a pothead as well).
Jason? Oh yeah, he's my lazy pothead roomate that smokes in my room all the time.
by Albert Medina April 08, 2007
a person who will smoke pot whenever there is a chance to. someone who will not pass up the chance to smoke.
the person is such a pot head..they cant ever say no to weed.
by Gillian L December 16, 2007
1. A person whose head is shaped like a pot. (With handle shaped ears)
2. A person who likes to wear pots on their head.
3. A person who has "pot fever." They are obsessed with purchasing pots.
Look at the head of that pot head.
Oh my. What an obsessive, excessive pot head.
by Rayhanoo June 12, 2007
someone who, when given the opportunity and physically able, will never EVER reject weed. NEVER
"bob": hey man, wanna hit this bowl?
pothead: nah man, i gotta go to work
"bob": that's not for like 30 minutes bro
pothead: true that. pass that shit this way
"bob": that's what i thought
by GeorgeOrwell August 03, 2009
simply more than one teahead. a group of people who've arrived at the conclusion that sesame street is good television.
looks like a tea party; there must be no less than ten potheads giggling in this picture.
by slithering November 30, 2004
one who smokes large amounts of weed continuously, uses weed daily; people think they're high when they aren't; carry eyedrops, lighters, and body spray with them at all times; complains when not high or getting high
a.k.a. heather, keagan, me, kassi, jolly, rob, taylor(wanna be pothead), and digger

A)You are a phucking pothead!
B)No i'm not you are
C)Hey you stupid phucks hit this blunt before it's gone
by midnighttoker May 12, 2006
This word is definitely ***NOT*** pronounced \poa THEED'\ -- a person who's only real goal is to spark up another bowl; basically ignoring all else unlike a regular, garden-variety stoner.
{Chris}: Hey Joe, you know why Danny didn't show up for work this morning, donchya?

{Joe}: Yeah I do actually. Danny is a real pothead, and probably pissed away his last $20 on a dime bag for Christ sakes!!!
by Telephony February 19, 2012

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