A person who's mindset about smoking weed went from ''it's to have fun occasionally'' to ''going out sucks, let's get high instead''. Generally, they smoke more weed than the average pot smoker, but it's mostly about the mindset. They come to destroy the relationships they have with non-smokers and prefer to spend their time smoking weed in groups, often with people they don't even have anything else in common with. Potheads eventually stop seeing the reality that pot does have negative side effects, instead going around telling the world that government propaganda brainwashed everyone to believe pot is bad. Contrarily to a stoner, who can accept that there are some bad effects that come with weed, potheads lead themselves to believe that weed is harmless.
Michael: I dunno man, I smoked weed twice this week. I wouldn't wanna scew up my lungs and I have a basket tourny in two days.

Johnny: Coooooome on! Dude! Caffeine and alcohol are worse for you! Weed is HARMLESS, the government just tries to make people believe it's bad! Don't believe that shit!

Michael: Two months ago we were talking about the negative side effects of weed... did you forget?

Johnny: Well that's because I was brainwashed too but now I saw the light.

Michael: Riiiight.... I'm gonna go. I think you became a real pothead.

Johnny: * shrugs and takes a hit*
by vanwright June 26, 2011
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Someone who believes (1) any problem can be fixed by smoking marijuana, and (2) any activity is more enjoyable whilst stoned.
John: "Hey man, wanna hang out?"
Pothead: "Yeah sure, you wanna smoke a bowl?"
John: "I dunno man, my throat's been kinda sore lately."
Pothead: "Oh that's ok, a bowl will fix that."
John: "Really? Well I've got this Government test tomorrow too, so I probably shouldn't smoke."
Pothead: "Pot makes studying easier. You'll enjoy the subject more!"
John: "You're full of shit. Next you'll tell me weed can fix my chronic back pain and I should get high before visiting my grandma in the nursing home."
Pothead: "I'm glad you understand now. Got a lighter?"
by Rupert S. Pottingham January 18, 2006
one who misses their International flight to Amsterdam because they stopped off to smoke a bowl first
My friend Rosen... is a pothead!
by Mike L. February 22, 2005
a person who when not even smoking pot still shows affects that he has, and will in the next 24 hours.
damn look at that pothead. His eyes are almost closed shut.
by wicked March 28, 2004
The person who just read all these definitions and laughed at every one.
"So hey, like john, did you know that......wait shit i forgot what i was talking about"
by Charming August 28, 2005
A more habitual cannabis smoker than your average stoner, a pothead cares very little about the outside world. Potheads tend to gather in groups, although they can be quite content when left on their own, as most potheads enjoy one on one time with their ganj. Potheads are not nessicarily lazy, stupid, or unmotivated. However, they are the ones wise enough to know that most of the shit that they're supposed to do isn't really that important, so they light a bowl instead.
Me and my friends, we're all such potheads. But damn, I don't hate it.
by heatherhatesyou November 24, 2005
wake and bake
lunch toking
midnight toking
by I'm done September 29, 2003
A Habitual user of Marijuana, usually to the point where it interferes with work, family, and school. Pot heads are known for their laid-back attitude, bad memory, encyclopedic knowledge of junkfood, and facination with shiny objects.

Pot heads should not be confused with occasional smokers who are still able to function and fulfill their responsibilities and obligations.
Laughing + Junk Food + Red Eyes + 24/7 = POT HEAD
by AZ-Dawg April 23, 2006

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