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The pussy we all dream about and strive for. This pussy is typically young, wet, warm, and ready to go and simply feels the best to slide a cock into. Case and point: I want a piece of potent pussy!
Booker: Aw shi' nig, nigga I ain't had any nice cunt this week, know what I saying. Shi', know what I saying an' the last pussy I fucked was dry like a desert.
Chris: Dude, I totally just came in Shelby's cunt a few minutes ago. Now that was some potent pussy right there, you should try it out!
by LivingInABra October 25, 2007
Guys like to throw the adjective "potent" in front of their favorite noun "pussy" to describe high quality vag that will no doubt make any straight guy cum straight into.
As said by Z-ro himself in his Mo' City Don freestyle, a piece of potent pussy might tempt me.
by BallerJawer June 03, 2008