The sweat secreted between a males scrotum and his anus.
The boys reaking pote was dripping from their underwear after the big football game.
by Alex Knight April 24, 2005
One who looks like or has the consistency of a sack of potatoes.
God damn potes looks weird today.
by Trevor Owens October 13, 2004
Pooping Out The Evil. Pretty self explanatory.
Hey Bob, I'll be there in a minute. But first I need to POTE.
by destroyerrrr June 09, 2011
Adjective describing something that is considered 'potent' or extremely cool.
'Dude this shit is pote'
'Have you heard that new Lupe Fiasco Album?, it's pote!'
by Katie_Canadian January 27, 2008
acronym meaning "Penis on the Elbow"

Used to describe male co-workers who, seemingly unaware of the socially acceptable radius of personal space, stand alarmingly close to their secretary or assistant while dictating correspondence, causing their member to brush, bump or nudge the other person's arm.
Jen: I had the worst day at work today. I was late, we had to get out three pleadings so I didn't get lunch and Bob kept pote-ing while dictating the Myers brief.

Susan: he's been doing that alot you think he's doing it on purpose?

Jen: I hope not. There's not a lot of "P" on the "E" if you know what I mean...
by christine2 September 15, 2005
teach that trys to give a fuck, but he really doesn't
pote let me look up porn, even though he shouldn't
by Brian + Halley + Charlie November 14, 2003
Reaching your hand into the pants of sleeping men with the express purpose of getting them to achieve an erection
I passed out early at the party, but I woke up before everyone else, and saw MikeM get his pote on!
by groupShout September 11, 2008
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