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a drinker
get your grimey hands off my tequila you damn potator!
by erica March 24, 2004
A general-use, meaningless insult used by a kid who is a colossal tool and obsessed with hentai. Though he claims it means something, I am pretty certain it doesn't outside of some hentai movie or Irondequoit High School.
Stefan: Oh, I got a date.

Me: With who? Sailor Moon?

Stefan: Oh, shut up! Potator!

Me: What the fuck does that mean?
by Natepalm October 19, 2003
A tator-tot that looks like it had bred with the Terminator. Just a bigger than normal tator-tot.
Yo, dude! Don't minions kinda look like potators?
by Rawrzer February 13, 2014