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The left over shit stuck to the bottom of the toilet bowl after you flush
After you punished my toilet, I had to scrub the potato skins off the bowl.
by Joseph (ADC) January 26, 2008
6 6
1. A fine appetizer served at a fern bar; the potato skin is filled with potato, cheese, bacon and/or chives, with a side of sour cream.

2. a blanket or wrap worn by a couch potato.
1. "mmmmmmmmm..., potato skins."

2. "I just wrapped my ass in my potato skin and watched game shows all morning."
by Joe Bone March 16, 2005
9 0
the skin that comes off of your.. after you put on a condom
my potato skin keeps peeeling
by krisss January 18, 2007
5 7
The supple lips of a beautiful womans shaved vagina.
Last night I got to take a peek at her potato skins.
by jingletits October 07, 2007
2 6
The word potato skin is a racial slur that is used to describe a brown, dirty person of mexican decent. The skin of a potato was thought to resemble the color and texture of a mexican person so much that they earned the nickname potato skins.
Person 1: Victor is our new gardener, he sells small bananas during the weekend downtown.

Person 2: Bananas?! Imagine that, A banana Selling potato skin, working in our neighborhood!
by cookieanddough November 02, 2009
4 11