n. An ugly person, whose face is large and oval shaped. Someone who resembles a potato.
Emma looks like a potato!
by JeremyBooooy August 28, 2015
A potato is an awful cheerleader who thinks they are good. These potatoes are happy to be potatoes. These "cheerleaders" struggle to excel. They are funny to watch. If you find a potato team, call them potatoes because they love it.
"Wow you're such a potato"
"Thanks we know. We love it"
by Straightfacts August 29, 2014
its a vegetable dumb ass
potato is a vege
by some random boyish boy June 18, 2014
A small and fat person.
Person #1: Hey, did you see that new girl? She's pretty

Person #2: Yeah, she's pretty but she's a potato.
by tenpointsforslytherin August 27, 2011
The best food ever, it grows underground and in dark, dank places. Can be cooked in millions of thousnads of ways.

The ultimate ruler of the galaxy. The potatoes simply rule all. Potato is also a general word for mostly anything. Adjetive, verb, noun, compliment, insult, swear word...
"We're having potatoes for dinner!"the food

"Well, potato you, asshole!"insult

"Wow, this movie is incredibly potatoey!" compliment
by insanekaos May 22, 2004
Potatoe is an alternate spelling for potato. The "potato" spelling is more popular, but even national newspapers like the New York Times occasionally used the "potatoe" spelling, which was considered an acceptable spelling at least until 15 June 1992, when Republican vice presidential nominee Dan Quayle read the "-oe" spelling off the "official spelling bee spelling" flash card handed to him by an English teacher for correcting a spelling bee, and the media tore him apart for it.
"You’re close, but you left a little something off the spelling of potatoe. The 'e' on the end."
by embram May 09, 2015
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