A differnt way of calling someone sexy, attractive, cute, good looking, eta.
That chic is a total potato.
Dude, did you see that potato walk by?
by IthinkImighthavesuperpowers October 15, 2013
Name of all names, meaning any insulting name that can be given.
whore, bitch, slut, cow, tramp ect..

'I hate her!'
'Same! shes a total potato'
'I hate her!'
'Same! shes a total potato'

by Supermans Best Friend. Ever. September 10, 2011
A guy or girl who is not a homosexual, but just does not want a relationship otherwise known as commitment phobic people.
George clooney is a potato.
by kotah lox June 20, 2011
A name commonly used to point out Irish people, due to their notorious crop failure in 1845.
Dude 1: Where are you from?
Dude 2: From Ireland.
Dude 1: You're a potato.
by P.O.P03 November 10, 2010
1. The most ubiquitous thing in the entire world, followed closely by cockroach in second place and sardars (aka sikhs, turbanators) in the third place.

2. When mashed, represents the height of genuine English culinary achievement.

3. The biggest commodity purchase of McDonald's. Used in their "employee induction programs" to fill-up skull cavities.

4. Handy object of comparison. See examples.

"Who is smarter - potato or microsoft?"
"What came first - potato or vodka?"
What's on everyone's mind at the Wimbledon : "Who's got better potatoes?"

by _cheese April 22, 2009
To hit, or be hit, by a potato fired from a Potato Gun.
"We potatoed Mrs. Grubkey's house last night. She's got a broken window and some potato remain on her front porch".

"Mrs. Grubkey's house got potatoed last night, I wonder who did it".
by IhatemyISP March 16, 2005
Silencer for a handgun.
"You think you a killer but we gon just pay 'em a visit
Put the potato in the barrel so nobody hear it"
G-Unit, Gangsta Shit
by Italianplaya August 05, 2004

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