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a small round cake of potato roughly the size of a compact disc cd. it is dipped in a delicious batter and deep fried until golden brown, and is normally eaten as a snack with tomato sauce and a sprinkle o' salt.
Potato cakes can usually be found at your local fish & chip shop for 60 cents each.
"yeah can i have 2 potato cakes and a dim sim please"
by ungoliant April 25, 2006
25 3
an atomican
by Ghost in the Shell March 20, 2003
6 2
the pancake version of mashed potatoes which is used after thanksgiving when there is an excess amount of mashed potatoes left over
Well looks like we are gonna make us up a potato cake tonight since we have a fridge full of mashed potatoes
by madison davis November 26, 2005
7 8
Administrator of the world famous webpage: "People who want bec"
Did you see Potatocakes "People who want bec" website? That page is whack
by Anonymous March 20, 2003
1 2
Cool, buff and handsome guy who has daily changes of career direction. Universally admired by women.
Wow what a potatocake
by Gramyre January 23, 2004
2 5
A simpleton who enjoys basic things in life such as mung and sucking cocks until they are red raw.
Oh my god, you are such a fucking potatocake.
by unknown December 07, 2003
1 4
Paedophile, Child Molestor
Potatocake: mmmmmm I'd love to have sex with your 8 year old sister. While I play with her 7 year old friend
by Transill January 23, 2004
2 6