a slang term for ketamine, more commonly known as special k. i'm not totally certain, but most likely the term comes from potassium's symbol on the periodic table being k.
person 1 - come over to my house tonight, and don't forget to bring the potassium.

person 2 - sure thing, man, and i won't forget it. we're gonna get so fucked up, i already know it.
by SPACE DEMENTIA September 15, 2007
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Kazakhstan's number one export.
Other countries have inferior potassium.
by coral the squirrel June 25, 2007
Another way of saying "K" in a sassy way on AIM or Facebook.

Potassium = K on periodic table
Moi: Yo i cant go to dinner with you anymore i have other plans.
Alexis: Potassium Asshole.
by hehehehehwhoami January 08, 2011
A term applied to a person who goes on Youtube or Facebook (or any other spammable thing) to spam. May have a tendency to even skip school to spam, and does not have anything to do but go on the computer.

Started in a school in Burnaby, not far from Vancouver.

Based on a real person, but not a real name.

Can be used in other like words such as:
- Potassiumesque
- Potassiumlike
- Potassiumish
"God, stop being so much like Potassium!"
"That comment was something Potassium would say"
"That comment was so Potassiumesque"
by ilovePCs March 08, 2009
A form of reply to someone when you are not interested.

Potassium = K
Someone: Hey, did you know that *blah blah blah*
You: Potassium.
by thebloodybaron February 16, 2011
Nickname given to a reactive person - i.e one who snaps at any opportunity, especially following piss-taking.
"Here come's potassium pete"

"What do you mean?"

"The cunt reacts with anything".
by Lewis1983 May 30, 2005
Means Okay. from OK-->K-->K being the chemical symbol for Potassium
bob: Going to work now
bill: Potassium
by masteroffire May 06, 2013

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