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A person showing signs of retardation due to heavy use of Pot
by Pot Head December 07, 2002
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An individual who under the influence of marijuana seems to lose even a basic ability to interact with his/her environment. Typically in this state pottards exhibit obsessive compulsive behavior where they attempt to perform a task without any logical reason. Pottards do not seem capable of grasping the sheer depth of their behavior and as such are a burden to those around them.
"Why is Joe trying to open the bar's bathroom door with his keys?"

"He's a pottard, just grab his jacket and I'll put him in a cab."
by Towhead January 24, 2010
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A person obsessed with the Harry Potter franchise. A harry potter fangirl.
Damn, Abby is such a pottard. She knows every line from every book by heart, and she's read every book and seen every movie 8 times!
by Fuu Ikari June 02, 2007
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