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This is what you call a stomach that has become big enough so you can't see your belt.

Mine was caused by chinese food and cider.

Most blokes get it on their 30s if they're lazy like me. You slowly turn into Homer or your Dad.

It's great when you have kids though, they can fall asleep on it.
"Jeez Prem, haven't seen you in years, what's with the pot belly?"

"Living the good life and doing f*** all exercise."

"Fat git"
by Prem Shah September 19, 2006
A protruding belly gained from over indulging "munchies"
Check out Andy's pot belly!
by Ruensern January 03, 2008
1) a heavy, wood stove popular in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries.
2) an insult, in reference to someone with a large stomach.
My cousin eats too many burgers; you can tell this from his potbelly.
by T-Dog Jenkins March 10, 2005
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