A small, but noticeable gut on a female, who is not neccessarily overweight, but is just carrying this bit of a gut.
Shes fit, shes just got a bit of a pot on her mate
by The Pid November 12, 2008
Describes an attractive elderly women.

"Pretty old thang."
"Hey yo check out that P.O.T.!". "Mannnn!!!
I sure would love to smother her in mayyonaise."
by Lijah December 17, 2008
Slang for "potentiometer" - a variable resistance electronics component.

"Smoking the pot" is when too "high" a current is applied to the pot and it will literally begin smoking. This typically burns the pot, and it is rendered useless thereafter.
I put a little Pot in my amp, and ended up "smoking the pot" when I turned it all the way up to 11.

I was so bummed I went and got stoned.
by Brad ECE November 27, 2006
A word used to describe anything that sucks, or is in any way shape of form not cool. Coming from the word "paila" in colombian slang which means "that sucks". It's not pronounced Pots, it's pronounced "poats" with a dry O.
Oh dude, my math teacher is totally pots, he failed me!... pots.
by colombianpots July 23, 2009
Pot is a word for greens that only none weed smokers use, no one who tokes calls it "pot".
non-stoner: hey fellas, golly i sure do want some pot!
anyone else: double you tee eff freak.
by Tyler is me May 06, 2007
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