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Individual who exchanges sexual favors for a joint or a bag of weed.

Typically evolves into a Crack Whore within 5 years.
You're ugly, and you need to get laid. Go buy a dime bag and find yourself a pot whore. Problem solved.
by Makes you Wonder February 10, 2005
1. someone who does not throw up buds or money while smoking pot. 2. Someone who jews their way into a blunt or smoking sesssion.
Timmy are you throwin up for the blunt or are you gonna be a pot whore today. She is constantly being a pot whore and not throwing up to smoke with us.
by cracky shane January 17, 2011
when someone hogs all the pot!
pass that joint and stop being such a pot whore!
by loco person September 23, 2010

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