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a supposedly good idea thought up while under the influence of marijuana but quickly forgotten due to being under the influence of marijuana
Peter and David came up with the best idea ever last night while playing guitar and smoking weed but neither can remember what it was, alas it was only just a pot thought.
by chachachavez January 16, 2010
when you turn your head, look up to the sky, barely close your eyes, ( like your high on pot ) and answer a question with one word that doesn't have anything to do with the question. Usually to make fun of stoners
teenager 1:Dude why are dogs noses wet?
teenager 2: ....... Totally...
teenager 1: Nice pot thought.
by theboywhoyouknow May 01, 2012
One of those crazy thoughts that pops into your head when you're stoned out.
Stoned Guy 1 "Dude, we should turn this couch into a spaceship and go to the moon."

Stoned Guy 2 "We might find ALIENS, man!"

Not Stoned Guy "Dude, what a pot thought."
by EvanAlmighty January 27, 2010
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