A former slut, who has seen the error of their ways, and converted to smoking pot instead.
Many pornography shops also are known to sell "smoking accessories". There is a reason for this, it's like a one-stop shop for porn, vibrators, smoking accessories, and even incense! Now all the person needs is to contact a good dealer and flee the scene of the "crime".
A good presidential candidate for the United States might make it so that it's no longer illegal to be a pot slut. Otherwise, some parts of Europe are looking pretty good right now for one.
by Smashy1 April 04, 2012
Top Definition
one who is ALWAYS where the pot is without contributing moneys towards the pot. ALso just simply someone that smokes all the time and they are just broke and mooch off other people
oh we wanna get sum weed, carl u wanna throw in on this? Carl "um im broke sorry" damn it carl ur such a pot slut!!
by 4$tar April 10, 2008
A female who has sex or does "favors" for Marijuana. Most often seen in Michigan, driving a Moped.
Damn here comes ______, she's a fuckin' POTSLUT.
by Josh Mtn February 27, 2007
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