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post-breakup sex with an ex.
yeah man, they broke up 6 months ago and charlie is still postboning his ex.
by kmarie January 06, 2008
3 3
To put off to a later time. Normally used when talking about a sexual act, or the consequences of a sexual act.
<GastricPenguin> My ass hurts for no reason.
<Gelormino> Once you all get up off your chairs... Your ass will hurt... The chair is just postboning the pain.

by Parog May 30, 2008
12 2
The act of making plans for intercourse, then finding out you can't make it, then setting the time for a later date.
Honey, are we still on for tonight?

I don't know babe I got a lot of work to make up i think we're going to have end up postboning our sex tonight.
by Mr. Pizza Man October 01, 2011
3 0