post-breakup sex with an ex.
yeah man, they broke up 6 months ago and charlie is still postboning his ex.
by kmarie January 06, 2008
Top Definition
To put off to a later time. Normally used when talking about a sexual act, or the consequences of a sexual act.
<GastricPenguin> My ass hurts for no reason.
<Gelormino> Once you all get up off your chairs... Your ass will hurt... The chair is just postboning the pain.

by Parog May 30, 2008
The act of making plans for intercourse, then finding out you can't make it, then setting the time for a later date.
Honey, are we still on for tonight?

I don't know babe I got a lot of work to make up i think we're going to have end up postboning our sex tonight.
by Mr. Pizza Man October 01, 2011

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