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feeling down after your favorite tv show has ended its run or a season.
it can be used as post-(show name) depression
I marathoned Skins last weekend and now I've got Post-skins depression.

I just saw the Tenth Doctor's final episode, now I've got Post-Ten depression

Last weeks all the shows I was watching ended so now I've got post-finale depression
by okelay October 26, 2010
The feeling you get after your favourite tv series or game ends; when you feel an overwhelming sadness, contemplating where your life goes from here, will you watch a new show or just flood with tears at the thought of the great trauma you've just experienced.
"What am I going to do now Breaking Bad is over what is the point to my Life now, I think I might go curl up in a ball and die"
"hey man, i think you have Post-Finale Depression"
by ghostnappa March 02, 2015
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