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ok, post hardcore kids are definitely NOT emo. they are kind of like hardcore kids, but not as hardcore...for lack of a better word. they listen to more melodic hardcore music. but that doesn't mean that they can't listen to hardcore music too. also, there's no set style for a post hardcore kid. they can wear whatever. its only a genre of music. hardcore is a style though.
post hardcore kid: oh man, i love the beautiful mistake.
other guy: yeah, they're great in concert.
by involving September 02, 2007
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A Post-Hardcore kid is a teenager who listens to alot of "core" music, especially "Post-Hardcore". They are definite about their character, and they dont really follow a basic trend. They don't "Hardcore Dance", put on make-up, wear EXTREMELY tight pants, and they definitely don't say they are "bisexual" just because everybody else is. They like to be themselves. Although they listen to alot of "scene" music, they are not scene. They do wear skinny jeans (but not excruciatingly tight ones), usually vans, band tees or graphic tees, and maybe sometimes they straighten their hair. So I 'guess' they do basically follow a trend, but not as much as "scenesters" or "hardcore kids". Yes, they might listen to more heavy music like "Emmure" or "Suicide Silence" sometimes, but they don't quickly label themselves. That's another thing. They don't label themselves. They wear and do what they want. So basically I don't know why I just labeled them as a "Post- Hardcore" kid. They don't really have name. (I just need something for the title) They like the bands for the music, not the screaming, not for the popularity, or not for just ONE song.

There really only a few of "these kids".
Post-Hardcore Kid was really not a good title.
by bmth98 May 16, 2011
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a post hardcore kid is an emo kid who hates other emo kids. they refuse to believe that they themselves are emo even though they adhere strictly to the emo stereotype
Post hardcore kid 1: OMG that guy is such an emo fag
Post hardcore kid 2: yeah he even has the same shoes as you...
by Forever_failing January 05, 2006
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Self righteous, ray ban wearing, hair slicking, elitists in a music scene, who see themselves as superior to everyone around them. Generally, they don't play in bands, or if they did it was several years ago and they are resting on the laurels of their mediocre success. See everyone around them as inferior and fake, despite the likelihood that the people they are targeting are more genuine than the Post-Hardcore Kid. The kind of pompous shit heads that taint music scenes.
Post-Hardcore Kid:

You don't like (insert band here) you're a fucking poser


Uh ok
by Pissed Off Steve August 12, 2013
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