an original group of 3 amazing woman that you wish your know! Through babies, break ups, marriages, divorce & even death they are there for each other. They will listen to you when you cry over a man (even when they have told you multiple time he is a ass), drive in a snow storm to get you, && march your ass to the store to buy another pregnancy test. A truly amazing group of 3 wonderful women!
OMG! I wish I could be part of that posse!
by the amazing girl! May 16, 2011
A group consisting of no fewer than three people who you kick it with. There must be at least three members present for it to be considered a posse
Dumbass- Hey look at that posse!
Me- Thats not a posse, there's only 2 people there
by mdw1715 September 07, 2011
my homies and amigos for life
c'mon posse, lets go
by SFPosse June 18, 2003
adjective. extremely excellent; relaxed and cool. to put off an air that's an amalgam of positive vibes, high spirits and good times.
Even Willard's mother was affected by his posse mood, raising her sour mood after being fired.

Austinites love The Big Lebowski; it is without a doubt Jeff Bridges' possiest flick.
by nolenium June 27, 2011
A group of homies who have each others back.
This Kagiso dude is bad news, he'll lick your posse
by TheKaiser November 06, 2007
Also spelled possy. A word used in place of pussy so people won't know what your talking about and to be more polite in front o0f some people.
Man1: Only one man can ride in a posse.
Man 2: You know more than one man can ride in a posse but not at the same time.
by Deep blue 2012 March 17, 2010
An group of urban and diverse students at select colleges who receive a full 4 year tuition scholarship. The posse of students represents the leaders of tomorrow.
Hey have you seen DePauw University posse 11, their going to make some big and positive changes on campus.
by bajanbrown November 05, 2007

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