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Someone who is quick to call other people "posh cunts" and make fun of them for it, even if the accused in question is not particularly posh, and the accuser is not actually that poor.

The accuser, in 99% of cases, will think that they are hard and ghetto, and will make as much noise as possible in an exaggerated accent to try and prove it. However, their behaviour suddenly ceases and they become very sheepish when in the prescence of genuinely "ghetto" poor people.

Posh spotters can be either boys or girls.
Person 1 : "Ha ha, listen to you, ya posh cunt"
Person 2 : "...huh"
Person 3 : "Man, stop being such a fucking posh spotter. Everyone already thinks you're a prick"
by OiOiBoy July 02, 2006
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