some cell phone company
poser mobile says you outta prepaid minets
by bob jeans June 22, 2005
A derogatory word for someone a certain person does not particularly like. Used to show how much person a knows about the "scene" by insulting person "b".
Person B: Hey! Do you like Taking Back Sunday?
Person A: Oh my god. You are so lame. Taking Back Sunday isn't cool.
Person B: ...
Person A: And are those Converse? Don't you know everyone wears Vans? You're such a poser.
Person B: *slits wrists in the bathroom*
by powertrash June 17, 2005
Avril is the best in the world. she can play guitar and she can sing
complicated sk8ter boy
by alexander _alex June 14, 2005
One who tries, usually failing miserably, to fit into a group. (Usually trying to be a punk)
One Poser: Oh my god! Ashlee Simpson lip-synchs!

Other Poser: I know! She doesn't rawk. She isn't punk like us!

One Poser: Tell me about it! Let's go listen to Avril Lavigne cd's!

Other Poser: okay!
by The Glue May 27, 2005
Those people that buy skater shoes if they've never even tried to skate before, the ones who don't even know what band is on their T-shirts when they buy them from Hot Topic, the ones who dress all black everyday and act all sad/depressed even when they have what some people would call a perfect life... Basically, people who try to fit in with one certain label because they want attention.
Emo Poser: Ughh, I hate my life. Everything is so depressing and no one wants me..

Random Kid: You live in a mansion, you are friends with pretty much this whole school, and your family is awesome.

Emo Poser: Uhmm. NO ONE GETS ME! -runs away-
by Random kid, kthanks. October 08, 2007
A poser is someone who pretends to be someone, or someone who poses like someone.
People like: Bo Vulders, europeans, especially dutch people are posers
by hustle92 May 06, 2007
Someone acting like something they're not.

Like someone trying to speak ghetto, when they're asian or something.
Marshal: You're dumb.
AznBoi: nigguh please.
Marshal: LOL What the fuck?? HAHAHA you think you're black or something? Look in the mirror, you're not black, you're not an anime character. You're fuckin asian, stop trying to be black.
Marshal: I'll be expecting a dumb response so go ahead, come at me. I want to see if theres a limit to your retarded mind.
AznBoi: *sigh* fine.. i'll stop being a poser.
by Kebong September 25, 2006
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