Someone (usually girls) who pretends to be someone they're not usually to fit in with a crowd
person in pink hanging out with goths is a poser
by Kinky Kid October 28, 2006
A term to describe someone who is seen as a fake/phony. However, this is a term used mostly by ignorant scum bags who have a great deal of growing up to do. It's one of those words that most civilized people do away with after middle school.
Duncan Disorderly: Dude, that kid's such a poser, I had that look first. (his friend walks in dressed just like him) DUDE I'm loving the look! (they proceed to high five each other and let out a Louis from "Revenge of the Nerds" style laugh)

by I_Shot_The_Sheriff September 17, 2006
n. Someone who claims/pretends to be something they're not because, it's the "cool" thing to be. They act like they like certain things, and in reality they don't. They try to fit in and conform to the public's opinions. They don't have an original mind, and try to think like everyone else.

See also: poseur, sheep, wannabe
"Those kids who like Avril Lavgine sure are posers."
Someone who talks the talk, but doesn't walk the walk.
by Linky June 13, 2006
the word used to describe any boy/girl who looks punk/emo. usually wearing studded belt, converse, jeans, band t shirt, and dyed black hair. this word is mostly used BY the true punks and emos. the REAL ones wear studded belts, coverse, jeans, band t-shirts, and dyed black hair.
true punk #1: ohh look, here comes lulu, what a poser with her wannabe punk colored hair and written on converse! ( strokes his own mohawk)

true emo #1: yea, and her billy talent band shirt..shes probably never heard more than one of there songs! (looks down at his alexisonfire hoody)

by brandnew March 11, 2006
a person (im not aloud 2 name names but hey,here we go,yeah rachel stanley,matthew plant,jack beckwith,emma whats her last name,sonia latif,naan bread,millie hawkins)who has no personal style or identity.e.g avril lavigne,lindsay lohan,good charlotte,mcfly.
"you fucking poser"implies the subject is a poser
"im a punk/goth/emo"bollocks.if you know you are then you dont say it,thats just desperate man.
"move your fat,poser ass"please move you huge vile creature wiith no identity.your making me vomit.
"my walls eill eat you"they WILL.
by i love pointed December 24, 2005
a poser is someone who copies who they think are the cool people's everymove and then go and spend money on crap they can't do or will more then likely ever do. things like skateboarding or learning to play the guitar or drums or something just cause all the people around them do it.
1. joe- hey i just got the most awesomest skateboard ever!
bob- how muck did it cost?
joe- like $200
bob-that's a lot...can you do any tricks on it?
joe-um... yea but i can't do them now.
bob- why not?
joe- um.....
bob- damn poser get a life
by ~demon eyes~ October 14, 2005
people who dye there hair black and try to be unique by doing what every1 else does.
omg!!!!i listen to good charlotte therefore i AM all that is punk.
by llama_face June 14, 2005

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