A common misspelling of the word "Poseur", used to define someone who pretends to be something he/she is not. This type of person generally prescribes to a particular social group, in order to be trendy or popular; but does not really believe or practice anything that particular group does.
"Hey guys. I just wanted to let you know, I've become emo over the past couple of weeks."
"Really? What bands are you listening to nowadays?"
"Miley Cyrus and The Jonas Brothers."
"Screw you Poser."
"Screw you asshole. It's spelled Poseur."
by Vint4ge December 19, 2008
a person whot hinks that they can fit in. they do what everyone else does and wears what they do.
an example of the word poser would be a preppy bitch. one day she is preppy. the next day she is wearing all black with dark eyeliner and acts emo.
by urbanisbeastman December 04, 2008
Someone who shops at Hot Topic.
"DUDE lets go to Hot Topic"
"Yeah we can look so stupid and like posers"
"Alright, sweet i have always wanted to look like a shitbag!"
by Taylor1993 October 06, 2008
a person "backstage" at an event that is just in the way. Usually a "VIP" with a drink in one hand. Over dressed, too cool.
Some poser spilled beer on the audio cables.
No posers allowed on stage.
by Paul Whitfield January 12, 2008
A poser is someone who tries hard to fit into a group which they do not belong to. This is usually to receive a certain type of reputation among others.People also preach they like certain types of music to fit into certain groups yet have no idea what the bands music is about.
Girl:(singing teenagers by My Chemical Romance)I just love My Chemical Romance!
MCR Fan: Who is your favrioute mem of MCR
Girl:Whats MCR?
MCR Fan: My Chemical Romance??You where just singing there songs?
Girl: Oh Teenagers
MCR fan: I love I never told you what i do for a living!
Girl: Whos that song by?
MCR fan:(falls over poser!!!)
by Cloza November 07, 2007
1. a hard question
2. the way idiots spell poseur

man, number 47 is a poser *rubs chin*

you: the slut is such an emo goth punk poser
me: it's spelled 'poseur', you poseur
you: wateva
by pedro''s vagina October 22, 2007
Someone who tries to fit in with something that they are not. In example, a Slipknot fan.
Person 1: "OMG! Duality is like the greatest Slipknot song ever!!"
Person 2: "Oh really? Have you even heard OTHER great Slipknot songs like The Heretic Anthem, Vermillion, Eyeless, Surfacing, or even Wait And Bleed for that matter?
Person 1: "Wait...there's more than 1 Slipknot song?"
Person 2: "You are such a poser."
by Kuro Fox January 24, 2007
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