a person "backstage" at an event that is just in the way. Usually a "VIP" with a drink in one hand. Over dressed, too cool.
Some poser spilled beer on the audio cables.
No posers allowed on stage.
by Paul Whitfield January 12, 2008
A poser is someone who tries hard to fit into a group which they do not belong to. This is usually to receive a certain type of reputation among others.People also preach they like certain types of music to fit into certain groups yet have no idea what the bands music is about.
Girl:(singing teenagers by My Chemical Romance)I just love My Chemical Romance!
MCR Fan: Who is your favrioute mem of MCR
Girl:Whats MCR?
MCR Fan: My Chemical Romance??You where just singing there songs?
Girl: Oh Teenagers
MCR fan: I love I never told you what i do for a living!
Girl: Whos that song by?
MCR fan:(falls over poser!!!)
by Cloza November 07, 2007
1. a hard question
2. the way idiots spell poseur

man, number 47 is a poser *rubs chin*

you: the slut is such an emo goth punk poser
me: it's spelled 'poseur', you poseur
you: wateva
by pedro''s vagina October 22, 2007
Someone who tries to fit in with something that they are not. In example, a Slipknot fan.
Person 1: "OMG! Duality is like the greatest Slipknot song ever!!"
Person 2: "Oh really? Have you even heard OTHER great Slipknot songs like The Heretic Anthem, Vermillion, Eyeless, Surfacing, or even Wait And Bleed for that matter?
Person 1: "Wait...there's more than 1 Slipknot song?"
Person 2: "You are such a poser."
by Kuro Fox January 24, 2007
ok these definitions are allrigh but miss a few key point. a poser is a person who trys to conform to a social group to either look cool, get atention, or because they are uncofident. a poser isnt really what they are trying to be

a poser dosnt have to be conformed to any group such as preps.

the best way to spot a poser- a poser will allways anounce their group through acts, clothing and speech
i have a poser friend and this is how it goes.

me- wats up?

him- nottin yall

me- why do u talk like dat?

him- cause ima redneck.

(he wears the stupid confederat (sp) flag n trys to act racist. he wears alot of flannel and a hat that says eith "Git Er Done" or "REBEL REBEL REDNECK"

FUCK POSERS roll on their bitch asses
by wat it do? January 10, 2007
a poser is a person that trys to blend in with the rest of the people, and changes the way they act/dress to think their cool. posers are someone who goes from prep, to metal head, to punk, to raver for example. and does poser drugs to get attention. (extc)
shaunessy is a big poser. she lives in canada/manitoba/winnipeg, and went from a prepy lil batch to a wanna be metal head, to a faggy bummy punker fag and a faggy raver that wears gay lil glow in the dark braclets.
by aK. November 11, 2006
Someone (usually girls) who pretends to be someone they're not usually to fit in with a crowd
person in pink hanging out with goths is a poser
by Kinky Kid October 28, 2006

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