someone who does something to appear cool or fit in, normally into some sort of clique
poser: hmmm i want to be different and unique... how can i do that... i kno i'll turn goth/skater/emo (etc)
next day...
poser is wearing all black/skate brands(eg vans as they are most popular in "fashion")
poser copies what other peopl are wearing and doing, may brag about how depressed they are. also calls themselves what they think they aparantly are and hang out with the people who that think are goth/skater/emo, then stops hanging around with old friends as they are not in the same "clique" they are
months later...
relises that clique is not "in" or cool anymore
example - poser: hmm..."goth" isnt cool anymore...i know i'll go emo!
next day completly changes clothes, puts on a fake personality to fit their new found clique they can copy
may start saying say things like:
'why have you done up your laces, i know no one who ties them up. they just tuck them in their shoe' (they, themselves have just left them dangling out to look "cool". then they fall over and smak their face on the ground haha stupid poser!!!)
if they think theyre skater they may wear converses although theyre the worst shoe to skate in and ive seen little girls who like pink to fat old men with no hair wear them so i have no idea how they became "skater"
Poser: hmmm... skater is cool right now..(dresses all in skate rand clothes etc) yeah! now im skater
but when they actually try skateboarding... they give up after 3 days because they dont like it, but still go around telling people they skateboard so theyll be popular.
by pillowcase August 05, 2006
- People who try to be something they are not.
- People who have no idea what they are talking about.
- Insecure people who try to hard to fit in

Just be yourself. Black, Italian, Irish, Chinise, skater, goth, cheerleader, whatever just be yourself and don't give up who you are just to have fake friends.
Poser: "Oh my gawd I am so emoo, ew why are you wearing red?!? that's not dark and misunderstood like me!!

Normal Kid: "Emo doesn't mean wearing all back, fuck face, and I'm wearing red cause it's my favorite color, so you can pretend to be emo or whatver but in the end your just a replica of so many other fake kids aroudn you".
by Jersey Kid November 01, 2007
A fake person. Usually in high school or middle school. Try too hard to blend in with the group that they want to fit into. Unfortunately, the ones who try and be punks and goths usually set the stereotypical goth and punk style so no one knows what either group really is except for the true ones.
1) Poser Punk: Jack went out and bought a skateboard and considered himself to be a 'punk'. When asked by a real skater if he could do a nollie, he replied, 'a what? Is that where you take one foot off of the skateboard?'
2) Poser Goth: Daniel considered himself a goth. He shopped all the time at Hot Topic. One day, another goth bumped into him and asked him what he thought about the Bauhaus. His reply: "Is that a new drink out?"
by "ez" March 14, 2006
Someone who tries to be something that they aren't, esp. when it is at that time considered popular to be part of that specific group or 'clique'. Generally used for fake punks, goths, or anything associated with rock music.
Hilary Duff pretends to be a punk, when her brand of music is quite recognizably Disney brand pop music.

Poser kid: I totally love Green Day! I am like their biggest fan!
Real thing: Cool, what's your favorite song?
Poser kid: Boulevard Of Broken Dreams. Oh my gosh, that is like my theme song.
Real thing: Okay then... do you know any other songs?
Poser kid: Um... isn't that their first hit? They're new.
Real thing: *shakes head and walks away, disgusted*
by no_name_know_it_all December 27, 2005
The act of trying to be what one is not, trying to relate and blend with a social group. Usually someone who is alone. Being a poser mostly consists of pretending one likes certain things, and one who acts in those one is trying to impress. It is typical for a poser to be disliked.
That Chris Bouvier is such a poser, pretending to like and do what we like and do, he is so annoying. Like that one time...

Person: Oh...Hey...
Chris: HEY GUYS! Have you played that new awesome video game *talks about game randomly* Yea and like wow everything is so 1-3-3-7 fo sho!
Person: Um...yes...
by Albert Johnson December 23, 2005
someone who hops on the bandwagon when it rolls around
but also...the bandwagon itself is poserific,so don't hop on it
idiot: according to the latest music and fashion trends, I have jumped on the bandwagon and am declaring myself a cyborg from the planet ZWARG!
cool person: fuckin poser
by it's POSER,not poseur October 14, 2005
A poser is a person that has no goal to accomplish, other than to irritate those around them in desperate pleas and cries for help.

A person can't be a poser if there is nothing to pose as.

A person that is imitating the acts of their idols or someone else that has accomplished the act in their own time (the past).

A person that claims they are something that they know nothing about is not a poser, they are just ignorant. In fact, maybe you should educate them in your spare time instead of reading this deifinition.

A person that is very young and unwilling to be taught the correct ways of their stereotype (hehehe... I love that definition).

Someone called me a poser, but what exactly am I posing as?
by Strangergirl October 12, 2005
someone who leeches off new popularity. may actually like the stuff, (like mcr when loads of people liked the black parade) but wears and listens to other things because people wear or listen to it.
they may actually be emo, but because they like mcr they think they have to wear stuff that they wouldn't wear anyway
there are real emos but loads are just kids who wanna be emo beacause they think there better than non emos because they think theyve herd something new that know else has heard.
poser1: o my god! heard the new mcr song? it the best one of the album.
poser3: do ya know them studded belts? im gonna get one because gerrard was wearin one.
poser 4: them emo sk8er bois over there are so cute. i love emo bois with side fringes and hoodies!
normal person: i dont like mcr but atleast i know enought to say they have 3 albums apart from you posers who just think the black parade is there first one.
by bigsoapbar November 03, 2007

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