stands for "piece of shit"
sometimes I'm such a POS
by squilliam June 06, 2007
Piece of Shit
That dude is a total POS!
by Night.ER.Ninja July 26, 2014
An acronym for "Piece of shit". This is pronounced "Poss". This can be used to insult someone who is not showing you any respect or it can be used to describe something that does not work properly.
a) That idiot kept bothering me so I called him a POS!

b) This computer keeps giving me problems! It's a POS!
by funny fellas January 13, 2014
piece of shit, used in place of the word Boss cleverly slipped in a sentence
phew it has been a long day hey boss you got my pay

boss yep here it is

thanks Pos have a good day
by slick over weight willy October 04, 2013
Puddle of Semen
"Look at that huge pos on the floor!"

"Ha, ew dude."
by PPL. (: November 09, 2011
pound off session as in jerkin it so that guys have a secret word to say just like girls
My pos today couldn't have been any better.
by sau student June 01, 2011
pussy of steel. A chick who's pants just won't come off..even after alcohol.
joe: hey frank, you bang hillary yet?
frank: nah man, she's a pos.
by patrickbatemanjr January 15, 2011

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