Post Orgasm Stupidity - After an orgasm often times one's brain does not function at a high level. Basically being stupid after getting off, or being speechless.
Last weekend, while house sitting I experienced P.O.S. by forgeting to dispose of the condom wrapper before the owners returned.
by whoopdago June 20, 2005
Began catching on in the Connecticut Valley Region

-short for possibly
Jill: Are you going to the dance?
Jenn: Pos
by Alli March 01, 2005
It means Parrent over sholder... Idiot...
by Matt March 25, 2005
short form for "piece of shit"
A term used to type how your feeling about some object, faster because you cant actually type any faster then 25 words per min. Or used buy someone who took a typing class in high school but skiped it soo much he/she scraped by and barly passed and now is too lazy to learn how to type w/o looking at the keyboard.
"also see POJ"
"There was this POS civic today that I dlew the doors off"
by Jeff Currie November 14, 2003
The nickname for anyone from france or quebec that cant speak english
Pierre And Jacque are pieces of shit
by Anonymous August 14, 2003
To name something related to something fugly.
You know that pos, heh~?
by Fect April 10, 2003
socal slang for "positive"

pronounced "pause".

used only by the super trendy. but only cool if you're the first one to begin saying it. If you copy someone else, people might think you're lame.
-"are you sure you remembered to lock the door?"

"ya, I'm pos"
by Emily Anderson March 13, 2006

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