Another gay instant messenger abbreviation created by losers with no life. Means "parent over shoulder." Used to tell the other person that your mom/dad is looking so don't type anything you wouldn't want them to see.
ChEeRcHiCk289: omg lyk u no who is lyk so hott?
SeXiPriNcEsS542: pos
ChEeRcHiCk289: um....what is our math homework
SeXiPriNcEsS: ok he left
ChEeRcHiCk289: oMg! josh is soOo hott and i gave him head yesterday because im a slutty little cheerleader!
by Asshole November 08, 2003
Parent Over Shoulder while typing in a chat room.
Tammy is typing to Dohn and her mom walks in and Tammy types POS in the chat room window.
by Dave Herberger March 20, 2006
1) Piece of Shit
2) Position
A) My DVD Lens Cleaner is a POS! It doesn't even work!

B) His position in the game was (24,13).
by Xiile June 28, 2004
Abbreviation for "Parent Over Shoulder."

Most commonly found in chat rooms filled with young children whose parents know that Chris Hansen won't be there to save them when an older gentleman arrives at their home with a to-go bag from Wendy's.
So, want to masturbate via webcam like we did yesterday? We can discuss those late night fantasies about John Stamos you've been having.

Dude!! POS!!!
by The carnivorous vegetarian September 20, 2010
abbreviation for the word "possibly"

Q. Are you seriously going to quit your job?
A. Pos dude, it stinks here!

Q. Do you wanna go to the movies tonight?
A. I don't know, pos, let me check my schedule

statement: I am totally into this dude, but pos he is just playing me like a violin.
by kikalicious February 26, 2008
Prisoner of stink. When you hug or detain someone while farting, making them a prisoner of a bad smell. Also applicable when farting in a confined location, such as an elevator.
I was so mad at her last night I made her a P.O.S. and there was nothing she could do about it!
by B123456 January 05, 2008
An acronym for Parent Over Shoulder.
"I really like it when you do that to me"
"Okay....let me know when you're in the clear"
by KoreyHayes September 01, 2009
Random abuse of power by irc channel operators. POS is unique as it encompassess Psycho Op Saturday and Psycho Op Sunday.
/kick <luser> POS
by Shai-Tan July 04, 2003

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