Another gay instant messenger abbreviation created by losers with no life. Means "parent over shoulder." Used to tell the other person that your mom/dad is looking so don't type anything you wouldn't want them to see.
ChEeRcHiCk289: omg lyk u no who is lyk so hott?
SeXiPriNcEsS542: pos
ChEeRcHiCk289: um....what is our math homework
SeXiPriNcEsS: ok he left
ChEeRcHiCk289: oMg! josh is soOo hott and i gave him head yesterday because im a slutty little cheerleader!
by Asshole November 08, 2003
Piece of shit; something that resembles, smells like, or reminds one of shit-like qualities or characteristics, either literally or metaphorically.
Almost every single one of the definitions presented here are worthless POS.
#shit #pos #piece of shit #peice of shit #peice #piece
by DefinitionWhore November 26, 2005
piece of shit
Jeremy's car is a 92 accord it sure as hell is a POS
#piece of shit #shit #crap #junk #dog shit
by coltsamadorfan February 23, 2010
A 'pos' is a Piece of Shit.
Megii : You're really pretty, Alice!
Alice : No I'm not, pos.
#poss #shit #pretty #po #piece
by Khaytiie February 25, 2008
Acronym for "Point of Sale". Used to describe anything dealing with the physical area where goods or services are purchased in B2C and sometimes B2B business situations. Then end sales point for retail sales.
Hey Englebert, could you get that new P.O.S. machine out to the Acme roto-tiller sales shop today? They've been down for a week and have been having to keep paper records the whole time.
by Zor Prime November 14, 2003
Piece of shit.
Guy #1: I can't believe John ditched us last night. We had to do the whole project without him!

Guy#2: Yeah, what a pos.
#shit #cool #faggot #retard #crap
by martage March 02, 2009
Point Of Sale
1. The company offers its product warranty at the point of sale.

2. The prostitute frequently offered her 'swallow' upgrade at the point of sale,as her customers were always particularly anxious at this time.
by Rad Ron November 06, 2003
Parents Over Shoulder
Often used during a phone call where you want to talk about things which would be inappropriate in front of parents. So then one says POS and the other person on the line knows not to talk about that subject anymore.
phone call between two friends
"so what was his name and how far did you guys go"
"ok i'll ask you later, can't wait to hear play-by-play!"
#pos #code #dasha #phone #parents
by mazzetta September 22, 2008
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