A wart on the arsehole of humanity. Marginally worse than Southampton, which is where the Scummers live(under a stone of course).
God my arse looks like it has got a 'Portsmouth' on it!!
by South Coast Hatin' Me November 25, 2006
Portsmouth City.

A wonderful City on the South Coast of the UK. Portsmouth has two cathedrals, thus making doubly sure it is a CITY! Home of the British Navy, and containing a large amount of maritime history. Home of HMS Warrior and HMS Victory and The Mary Rose.

Known locally as 'Pompey', this city boasts many tourist attractions, including the Spinnaker Tower, the UK's tallest structure outside of London.

Unfortunately Portmouth's popularity has made it the envy of many of it's neighbours, causing them to spew forth unnecessary hatred and incorrect remarks (please see other entries).
ie: I'm really fortunate to live in such a wonderul City like Portsmouth.
by Dazed November 23, 2005
a fuckin ledgendary city in the south of england situated near some shit hole called southampton.
person 1: i fuckin love portsmouth its fuckin great
person2:ye what about southapmton
person 1:scummer cunts
by 00 May 09, 2006
an immense city in the south coast of england full of english people not like the paki infested excuse of a city called southampton. Portsmouth is a genarally an awsome place. It has the best football team in hampshire and one of the best firms in england apart from millwall, chelsea and maybe west ham.

The people of portsmouth support their team and are nice people.
portsmouth is better than southampton
by pfcsven August 16, 2006
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