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A nice way to say that you or someone is a fat ass.
Does this jacket make me look portly?
by John Bontke December 05, 2003
The most offensive insult one can be called.
I hate that Portly clown!

I'll see you shortly Portly!
by FDippits April 29, 2008
Adjective. Acting in the manner of a male slut.
Sailing one's ship from port to port.
The portly boy sailed his ship from port to port, making all the ladies crazy.
by Captain HooksIt February 13, 2011
Has many meanings. As in having a cigarette...or as in feeling tough...or to be a whale like a fat ass...or being a beast or just cool... its pretty much whatever you want it to be
Boys lets go have a portly....Boys are you ready to get portly portly tonight? Woah that dude is short and portly! Im feeling pretty portly today boys.
by Portly Portly September 25, 2009
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