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Pronunciation: port-ho-lee-o

An index* representing all secured and/or pursued hoes.

**Index is to remain unwritten as to not create unnecessary clutter in the event of need for emergency exholiation See Urban Dictionary Exholation Definition.
Frank: This economy is a bitch, man. Can you believe I just got laid off last week?

Sam: Shoot. You're tellin me. I can't catch a break myself.
Frank: Luckily, my portholio is still looking strong and remains untouched. Lot of big hitters.

Sam: Still diversifying? You had a lot of your action going with the white girls for a minute there.

Frank: Always diversifying. Last weekend got a little weird. Before I knew it, two knew additions. Even got an Indian now.

Sam: Outsourcing IS getting bigger and bigger, you know. I hear that's the new jackpot for a high return on investment.

Frank: You said it.

Sam: You sly devil, you.

by Splasshhh April 28, 2008
Someone in the communication business who's always trying to get people to look at his work.
Ted: Who was that, Tad?
Tad: Some portholio trying to make an appointment.
by Circushead July 04, 2006
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