A dark little town where the sun never shines and everyone is obsessed with twilight. It rains constantly in Port Angeles. There are many homeless drunks at the corner of the infamous 1st street where they hoard cash to get a beer at the pub across the street. This little town has no community and very crappy drivers. The forest is beautiful but it doesn't help if you cant see it. You don't need sunglasses to live in this town.
Port Angeles is so gloomy, I must pack my things and leave immediately.
by EYEkisses December 01, 2010
Top Definition
An interesting town where half the people are hicks who want to cut down all the other trees and the other half are hippies who want to climb all the trees (This would be me). It is a beautiful area located in Western Washington, sandwiched between the Straits of Juan De Fuca and the Olympic Mountains. Many rivers and lakes are also close by.
Port Angeles was established as a townsite by Abraham Lincoln in 1862 by executive order which led the Board of Trade in 1890 to call it the "Second National City", Washington DC being the first. This meant if DC blew up then the nations capital would move to Port Angeles.
by Carlo March 20, 2005
Port angeles, often referred to as PA, is a disgusting white trash town full of hicks, potheads, and tweakers. All those kids who hang out by the arcade have all been to juvi or rehab at least twice and are always on drugs.
Hey, wanna go to port angeles?
Ew, no way.
by yousuck123ugh April 10, 2011
A small wannabe hick town, where everyone is obessesed with dressing like a cowboy, and driving a pickup, when half of the town has no idea what a cowboy is.
wannabe cowboy, "I need me a new pair of carhartt's, ive been wearin dis set fer damn der 4 years strainght"

cool guy, "you faggot, you must be from Port Angeles."
by Billy Bob January 15, 2005
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