The dark side of rowing.
aka. (from port to starboard) Come to the dark side
by Sam1993 May 15, 2011
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Short for Newport, which is a brand of cigarette.
Damn I'm feenin.. you gotta port?
Nah but I gotta Basic menthol..
Aight that'll work.. hook me up, I'll hit you back.
by bone crusher April 15, 2003
short for the ciggarette New Ports
common dawg, lemme bum a port from ya..
by Brian September 13, 2004
In rowing terms, port can refer to a rower whose oar is on the left side of the boat. Ports are generally less attractive and powerful than their counterparts, starboards, and do not contribute nearly as much to the speed of the boat as starboards do. This is most likely because starboards are genetically superior due to the fact that when a champion mates with another champ (ahhhh), a starboard is born.
Studies have shown that port rowers are 30% more likely than starboards to fail in areas outside of rowing and are also 13% less likely to find true happiness or fulfillment in life.
Starboard1: "Wow Kate is so hot and amazing at rowing, I can't believe that she's a port."
Starboard2: "Actually, that's because Kate is a starboard!"
Starboard1: "I should've known."
Port: "WoOOoOoOooo I can make bubbles in the water!"
Starboards: "Shut up port."
by TheRIGHTsiderowing October 20, 2010
Short for Newport, a menthol cigarette that is popular because it is known to boost your high when you smoke weed.
Stoner 1:"Hey, can I bum a cigarette?"
Stoner 2:"Yeah. Want a Port?"
Stoner 1:"Hell yeah!"
by Sam-I-Ami July 25, 2008
To move something to another version.
I ported the mod from Invision Power Board to vBulletin.
by dOoBiX April 23, 2006
The left hand side of any naval vessel, so named because during old times, when docking, it was the side facing the docks themselves, sometomes called larboard.
Open the port jet control. Cut the hydraulics. (Kaylee is firefly - Pilot Episode)
by Ycarus November 18, 2005
v. To move a phone number from one carrier or type of service to another; p.t., ported.

n. The act of porting a number.
I got a cell phone and ported the landline number to my cell phone. It was only supposed to take a week or so to port the number, but it took two months, instead.

The port went through yesterday, only no one bothered to tell me. I've had my cell phone turned off most of the time since no one could call it any way until the number is ported, so when I turned it on this morning it suddenly had four voice mails waiting.
by Downstrike December 01, 2004

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