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Cbridge POrt is the killin ya p up cdown
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
Portlife 44 Mutha fucka u kno how it goes down...
Cambridge's Port 44, EC, WC, Coast, and NC Suc dick...Holla!
by H.O.V.A. - PL44 March 21, 2003
The toughest and hardest hood in cambridge
With cold blooded killers that shoot at North Cambridge Fakes asses
Port life gangsters who shoot NC scrams
by Dreamer44 August 16, 2009
a bunch of little high school kids pretending to be thugs and gangtas and shit. "Hustle to eat" ...yeah, you hustle to get to the dinner table to eat when you mom calls you.
by 2 September 09, 2003
Port Life: Fake Ass Niggas
NC Reppin The Bridge, Former CoastMobb Representive.
Fuck Them T.T. Wanna BE ass Niggas
Them Port Life Niagga's really tried to act hard so they busted a shot in the Air
by J-ColdHaRT Repping the REC December 08, 2003
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