A girl who will spread her legs very wide all the time to welcome any guy to have sex with her. A girl with no moral restraint. A girl with no ability to say no. If her name is Porsche, just fuck her. A girl who usually likes to be fucked with you grabbing both of her ankles and spreading them as far apart as possible. A girl who will also let you stick it in her ass, so try it.
"Dude whats wrong with that girl? Shes just laying on the ground over there with her legs spread wide open."

"Yea dude, that girl is such a porsche."
by shizammm October 28, 2007
A car your poor ass will never own.
That Ferdinand Porsche sure knew air-cooled engines.
by deutsch October 08, 2003
Porsche is a fuckan ownage car, one of the best!! (Almost as good as Saab cars)
BONER! Look at that Porsche 911 996 GT2!
by saab October 08, 2003
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