The ultimate mid-life crisis car.
When Carl noticed his receding hairline, the first thing he did was run out to the local Porsche dealership, where he bought a bright red 911 with a rear spoiler the size of a dinig room table.
by S_t_G April 06, 2005
Is usually a person female of course
who is quiet but yet talkative.She takes gorgeous to a whole 'nother level.She's outgoing and active.She's very nice but has a vicious mean side.She has a hot body she dates a select few of guys because some aren't worthy to have her.real friendly but has a select few of friends.
Guy 1:Dude,Who's that she's all that?
Guy 2:Sorry Bro,But that's Porsche' u have to be
A class worthy to even stand in her presence.
by Mr.FryLok May 18, 2009
A wonderful car made in Germany. Contrary to popular belief, it is pronounced "Pour-Shuh" not just "Poursh".
When you say Porsche wrong, you let the world know that you don't deserve one.
by Micheletti October 17, 2007
the car that nobody needs, but everybody wants
Porsche…. It’s a little too small to get laid IN…. But you get laid, the minute you get OUT.
by Zeb Khan August 20, 2008
basically the car company who manufactures the most amazing, sexiest land-hugging guided missiles with wheels ever concieved, particularly the GT3.
Damn that was a sweet porsche! i just creamed myself!
by zepp1185 December 21, 2006
The name a ghetto black couple will name their daughter because they wish they had a Porsche.
Hey, ya hear 'bout Jovon's newborns, Credit and Porsche?
by latinostallion January 22, 2009
How real car guys pronounce the brand name of 911s and Boxters
How could Porsche drop its Le Mans program to build a goddam truck???
by DonH October 02, 2003
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