a person who believes they are creating decent pornography when in fact it is fucking retarded. often the letter 'z' is substituted for the letter 's' in an attempt to be whimsical.
roxy is such a porntard; look what she wrote in her online journal today:
"he enterz her in the back of a dark limozine, pressing his forearmz against the indigo velvet..."
by ninwolf April 21, 2008
One who is not well-versed in the art of pornography.
I didn't know Marilyn Monroe was on the first issue of Playboy.
You porn tard.
by Porn January 29, 2006
PORNography + reTARD

A dude who can't find a girlfriend because

#1. He spends most of his time watching porn.

#2. When he does get out, he rejects women who are better looking than he is because they are not up to his pornstar standards.
Mike hasn't been laid in 10 years. He's such porntard.
by Mike Porntard March 02, 2009

1- A person, usually a woman, who mistakenly believes that looking or acting sleazy makes her more alluring and/or liberated.

2- A stupid person who believes pornographic films mirror reality.

Related words:

Porntarded - Adjective, the appearance of being a porntard.
1- Scarlett Johansen used to be hot, but then she became a porntard.

2- Paris Hilton is porntarded.

Dude #1: Those three chicks are totally up for a foursome with me.
Dude #2: Dude, you're such a porntard.

4- "It's no wonder all her boyfriends are porntarded when she dresses like a porntard."
by Greggie Greg Greg December 12, 2006

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