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Men and women who perform graphic sexual roles on film or video for commercial distribution. Often mislabeled and stereotyped by those who fantasize about degrading women and/or have more personal problems than they allege for pornstars.
I'm more into pornstars who look like the girl next door, not the ones with bad plastic surgery. My friend thinks all pornstars are damaged goods, molested as kids and drug addicted, but he's usually spouting this when he can't get a date or is stoned.
by B. Alexandre March 25, 2007
45 25
A whore with a camera
mike: "sally fucked that guy for 10 dollars"
bob: "wow, what a whore"
mike: "yea, and they filmed it"
bob: "oh then in that case she's a porn star"
by Zbuckley February 14, 2007
834 198
A person who fucks for money (aka, a prostitute). However, the reason these particular prostitutes are not arrested is because it's all done on camera for "artistic," "creative," or "entertainment" purposes, then posted online for easy access by horny children.
Beth: I want to fuck for a living.

Lawyer: You'll go to jail for that.

Beth: But what if I video tape it for millions to see, and still get paid?

Lawyer: Well thats fine. Fucking for money on camera is acceptable, but take away that camera… and you be breaking the law, bitch.

Beth: Then from this day foward, I shall be a pornstar. You want to fuck me now? Just $10.

Lawyer: I'd love to, but I dont have a camera.
by rogerthewale December 18, 2010
491 103
1. An Adult Film Star.
2. One who displays the characteristics of the above mentioned group. Someone who fucks a lot of chicks, is always thinking about sex or performs public nudity.
1. I started dating a stripper and it turned out she was a pornstar aswell.
2. That pornstar is always getting his cock out for no reason.
by Diego December 07, 2003
547 200
a person who is an actor for the adult film industry
Your mother is a pornstar!
by ac March 15, 2004
427 198
Any person who performs a sexual act on camera.
LorrAINIAC of is a porn star because she masturbated, gave and received oral, used a vibrator, and received a drill-do on live net radio. She still denies that she is a porn star.
by Akit March 01, 2004
636 454
female: person with a very loose vagina
by jex May 16, 2003
543 479
What you hear when the history channel is on and you aren't paying attention to the "Pawn Stars" commerical
Me: *washing dishes* Lalalala

TV: Up next is a whole new episode of Porn Stars

Me: WHAT? *excited*

TV: *shows pictures of the show*

Me: ......

TV: On this episode of Pawn stars

Me: Damn it
by Random perverted History lover January 31, 2011
257 207