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when a female's hair is just long enough to cover her breasts, thus enabling her to be topless without exposing herself.
"Wow, your hair has grown long enough to be pornstar hair."
by Lindsey2769 March 22, 2007
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When a girl (doesn't have to be a pornstar) has blond hair, usually bright blond, with the hair under it being a really dark color. Black usually. Or Vice Verse with black hair, but blond underneath. Usually seen with the first though.

Also known as "The Cool Hair"
"Yeah so I got my hair died blond and the hair underneath colored black"

by "Trouble" April 14, 2009
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A hair style which of overly long hair and which also mostly has the hair arranged with clips, braces and tons of hair spray to tower high on the head and fall in a way that makes the appearance of being large in volume.

It's used to make the person appear taller and basically is the hair equivalent of of silicon boobs.
She's always going to parties with pornstar hair
by Sirius Hartshon May 02, 2009
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