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you park so close to the front door of the club you can run to your car naked
PornStar Parking!! Bring on the Margarita's!!
by country mike aka lk2play September 21, 2006
6 10
Sometimes considered the best parking spot in the lot. Typically, this spot is just outside of the main entrance to the place that you are visiting.

Arguably the same spot as "Rock Star" parking.
Marty: "Whoa, Andy, you must have been here at the crack of dawn."
Andy: "Yeah. How'd you know?"
Marty: "I rolled in and noticed that you have Porn Star Parking."
by Simon Jethro June 26, 2006
53 16
Pornstar parking refers to a parking spot at or near the back entrance of a building. Similarly, rockstar parking is a parking spot in close proximity with the front or main entrance.
The main lot was full so I drove around back and scored a pornstar parking spot.
by Leung November 28, 2007
12 4
1. To park one's car in multiple spaces at any given time
Dude, I love how we're parked in 3 spaces, now we'll piss off the restaurant manager. Yea, that's pornstar parking for ya'.
by Austin Bade January 08, 2007
4 10