A term representing an announcement in or dealing with pornography.
At the Adult entertainment Expo, I had pornounced the release of a new movie. 2 girls, 1 midget.
by Syphonedwolf117 November 06, 2011
Top Definition
a scale which measures how porntacular something is.
i.e. how good the porn is
man1: how was the super edition of ZOO mag?
man2: super crap. only got a 2 on my pornounce.
man1: thanks for the heads up man.
by Mnc & Lr September 03, 2007
(verb) def. – to vilently and somewhat sexually randomly pounce on an unsuspecting homie
Elijah pornounced on Connie after Keaneau and CJ had her distracted.
by lilgrizzey January 12, 2009
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