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To draw penises on an object or person, or add to a drawing to make it appear as a penis.
"Dude, you just pornographied my binder! Stop trying to pornography everyone's stuff."

Cock Rocket
by JLDC May 27, 2010
7 21
Sex on the internet that people watch because they're either unhappy with their sex life or they're just plain ugly and can't get any action.
Bob: Hey.
Joe: Hey man! What's up?
Bob: Nothing, I'm just watching something.
Joe: Oh...What are you watching?
Bob: I'm watching a girl get fucked in the ass.
Joe: ...You're watching pornography?
Bob: Yeah.
Joe: ...Oh...
Bob: Don't you watch it?
Joe: No. I'm happy with my sex life, and I'm not ugly.
Bob: (yells in a pissed off way)Thanks a lot man! (hangs up)
Joe: ...You're welcome...?.....He really is ugly.
by Scooby-doo! November 04, 2009
22 39
I will now go and look at/watch/view pornography.
by Noodles February 19, 2003
27 51
Classic definition is: written or visual material designed to appeal to prurient interest or invoke sexual reaction. Word has built in bad connotation.

In reality pornography extends far beyond this, to include any image or text that can possibly appeal to anyone with even the wildest, sickest fetish or interest, or even a fetish that, on the surface can be seen as mundane.
Did you see those pictures of baby seals getting clubbed to death? That was really pornography.Women being raped and left with rubber masks on their face is reallypornography.There was a fire at the old warehouse last night. I watched it and masterbated at the same time. It was really pornography. Those pictures of genocide and babies dying of hunger in Africa were really pornography.
by bluefrogpoison December 18, 2009
6 31
alternative to "probably"
I'm pornography gonna go to the movies later.
Man 1: Are you goin to the movies later?
Man 2: Yea, pornography.
by Doctor Bananas April 12, 2008
23 55
Pointless filth that destroys families and eventually turns men impotent. Needed by insecure men to achieve erection when no other way is possible. Has been known to turn men into pedophiles and in some cases rapists. Starred in by naive young women who allow themselves to be raped and laughed at for money that barely pays their rent. Ted Bundy was a porn addict and some porn companies have hidden their 'talent's' HIV+ diagnosis to continue buisness. Evil, sick buisness that does nothing but damage and encourages sexual abuse and disrespect of women. This is from a dude. A straight one.
"Pornography is the greatest evil the world faces..."
by PepsiCola September 11, 2006
156 208
Something that only fat guys with no sexual watch
damn fatass wacthes pornography everyday because he cant get any
by jahoovana March 16, 2008
22 82