Pictures and videos used to make masturbation easier. The problem is, men become dependent on it and can no longer masturbate without it. So, basically, pornography is for wimps.
guy#1: I need pornography!
guy#2: All I need is an imagination :)
by daman555 May 08, 2010
1. Any photos or movies depicting men, women, and sometimes children and elderly people, in nudity/sexual acts.
2. What used to be art, 200-2000 years ago.
1. Johnny was caught with some pornography in his backpack. AGAIN.
2. Look at these paintings! All these women are naked! Who would put this pornography in an Art Gallery?
by ArmTheHobos June 03, 2007
1) The content in which 'men' in a relationship start to lose the love they have for the person in the relationship because they desire to need the fantasies portrayed in pictures, movies and stories.

2) Material that will stay with men's minds long after they stop looking at it. Porn not only messes with the mind but starts to eat away at the body.

1) "I want to try what they did in the pornography i looked at."

2) "No matter how hard i try not to see the pornographic images, i still can see the first thing i looked at."
by "needGod" November 21, 2007
The filming of a woman being raped. Not only will she be traumatized by the act itself mentally and sometimes physically left with disabilities but creeps on the internet with no respect for women at all will be able to fap to her suffering and get off on it, not even knowing or caring if she is alive or dead yet. A form of hate propaganda against women and almost always directly connected to human trafficking.
The violent disgusting john watched pornography.
by The Guy With a Heart November 05, 2013
It is such a broad thing, that the only true way to define it is "anything sexually explicit." It is the exploitation and demeaning of women and men, and gives false impressions of love and intimacy.
Love making is not a spectator sport. Pornography, esp. violent pornography, is a cause of sexual violence and leads to the corruption of a civilized society.
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