A photograph of pornographic nature.
Did you see Staceys pornograph?
Yeah man! She was completely naked from head to toe!
by undercover_Arab February 23, 2011
What you use to watch pornography.
I tried to watch pornography, but I couldn't find my pornograph.
by Kuroko September 17, 2003
The singular instance of pornography, a single solitary pornographic image. Similar in it's meaning to electron micrograph (electron microscopy), photograph (photography) or radiograph (radiography).
Eric: Hey Jonny, I forgot to bring my porno mag, throw me your emergency pornograph

Jonny: One second man, let me get my wallet.
by dark-photon November 21, 2013
A device used to measure the level of "pornography" in the room, determined by level of cheesy discourse, the nakedness of the people in the room, and sexual innuendo.
My pornograph only hit 3.3 on the scale when I was making sex puns with cheesy lines. Apparently they weren't good enough...
by TheDoorMan89 April 27, 2009

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