That time of day, shortly after sunrise, when you have excellent sex.
"Good Porning, that was awesome"

"I got laid first thing this porning. It was great!"
by Fordman59 June 30, 2009
Top Definition
Porning comes from the verb "porn,"

In the infinitive case, it is "to porn"

Definition: To watch porn
Dude, you haven't been talking for a while. Are you porning?

My girlfriend got mad at me because I porned too much last weekend.
by piepixie June 19, 2004
The act of Masturbating while watching porn.
Last night I was porning it while I was driving my car on the highway.
by Matthew Bre August 21, 2007
Porning; verb

The act of plastering a home, apartment, work cubicle or car with pornography, to the hilarity, dismay or embarrassment of the owner.

often combined with kronging
Oh man we totally porned my ex's house last night, then we tossed a krongp-bomb on her roof.

Hey lets go porning and hit up your boss's house!
by gracemaverick January 27, 2008
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