Top Definition
Someone wearing a strap-on dildo on their foreheads.

Like a Unicorn, but pornographic.
"I love it when Howard straps on the rubber dildo. He is my little pornicorn"

by Ke^in November 06, 2006
Mythical creature that appears during the brief euphoria of orgasm during sexual intercourse. Its anatomy consists of:

4 Legs
4 Breasts
1 Octuplet Dildo (in place of tongue)

and of course...

a big, black, floppy donkey dick.
The pornicorn strode into the room as I came in her eye.
by Bob and Ed September 02, 2006
A sex act that certainly or probably exists but is very difficult to find in pornography on or offline.
Gay male little people having sex on film or in photographs readily available on the internet would be considered a pornicorn.
by kcer4ever July 13, 2011
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