the way that vanessa thinks that "promise" is spelled.
i'll be back later, i pornis.
by ohhh cameron g February 28, 2008
Top Definition
Prostitute in greek. Also addressed to women who are sluts, cunts, bitches etc
I know a nice porni in this nighboorhood, 15 euros for a blow job

You are a porny poutanagamiola. What do you mean you have been sleeping with other men for the past 10 months? How many?

by panossak February 26, 2009
sort of a pornographic penis cross
When al was sad, he played with his pornis
by the kerrek February 23, 2005
A noun replacing "penis". Occurs when penis is only good for watching and enjoying porn.
"If you don't stop watching 'arma-get-it-on' your penis will become a pornis"
by Ian Dunn November 02, 2008
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