When you have sex with a girl while she is on her period. After you get your (Oscar Mayer) weiner covered in red (ketchup), you stick the meat between her buns.
So you have a weiner, ketchup, and a bun -- the nasty pornstar way.
I gave your sister the porndog last night.
by Penny Trateshun April 18, 2007
a combination of the words porn and horndog, therefore leading to someone who is obsessed with porn, and is also a horndog.
Stratos is such a porndog. he watched 11 hours of porn yesterday
by Macc92 December 26, 2006
a porn dog is a man or woman that watches porn all of the time.
I came home the other night and my roommate Hershel was on the couch watching porn. Dude, that's all he does is watch porn. Hershel is such a porn dog.
by Pinky Walker, JB MONEY December 08, 2009
A horny person that uses porn rather than sex with others.
Joe won't go out with you, he's a porndog.
by fopppoppy January 04, 2014

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